Mega Wellness Cleanse

  • COLON CLEANSE-Gentle cleansing for liver, kidneys, colon, lymph system, lungs and skin.

  • NUTRIENT ABSORPTION-Aids absorption of nutrients by eliminating mucoid plaque on the colon wall.

  • WEIGHT LOSS-Decreases food cravings and allows for healthy weight loss.

  • DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS-Helpful for IBS, diverticulitis, colitis, and many other digestive issues.

  • MORE ENERGY-Improves skin, vitality and well being.
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Internal Cleansing with Mega Wellness Cleanse,

Thera Colon Cleanse, and Mega Cleanse Extra

*Gentle cleansing and Wellness for all six channels of elimination:
Kidneys, liver, colon, lymph system, lungs and skin.

1. Why do we need Mega-Wellness Cleanse Internal Cleansing Complex / Mega-Wellness Cleanse EX and Thera Colon Cleanse?

We live in an extremely polluted environment. Toxins are virtually inescapable. The water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the medicines we take, even the bacteria in our intestines all add up to pollution of our bodily systems.

There are currently more than 85,000 toxins in our environment. Farmers are producing ever-increasing amounts of food, and they are using huge quantities of poisonous pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers. Further food processing adds preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavor enhancers, and artificial sweeteners. The average American is consuming 135 pounds of food additives every year.

*Increased exposure to these toxins has been linked to:

fatigue, headache, dark circles under the eyes, skin breakouts, arthritis, depression, memory failure, muscle pains, digestive disorders, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, slow metabolism, weight gain and even serious illnesses.

The human body has to process every poison that it takes in. When this becomes impossible because the organs of detoxification are overburdened, then disease and even death will occur.

It’s not what you eat—it’s what you absorb that counts. Poor assimilation leads to nutritional deficiencies. The job of your small and large intestine is to absorb nutrients from the foods you eat and the supplements you take. If the intestinal walls are clogged with impacted wastes, nutrients can’t be absorbed and are eliminated.

It’s up to us to protect ourselves from these toxins, because our health and beauty are directly related to our ability to absorb the nutrients from our food and supplements and just as important, to detoxify .

Mega-Wellness Cleanse / Mega-Cleanse Extra. / Thera Colon Cleanse contains 37 herbs and super foods to cleanse toxins from the liver, colon, kidneys, lymphatic system, and blood. Single herbs used alone often will not have the same effect as when combined in a formula. A synergy is created. These formulas have been in use for 29 years and are helping thousands of people.

* (Referenced from “Dr. Whitakers Guide to Natural Healing” by Julian Whitaker M.D. 1995, 1996. Prima pub. “ Purify Your System for Health and Beauty” Margot Hellmis and Falk Scheithauer 1998 Sterling Pub.)

2. I have never cleansed my system or it has been awhile since I have cleansed. When and how many caplets / capsules should I take? / I have difficult elimination. Do I need all 3 formulas, and how should they be taken?

If this is your first cleanse, or it has been awhile since cleansing your system , begin with the Mega-Cleanse Extra, this is extra Cleansing for Liver and Colon. If you are constipated, start with the Thera Colon Cleanse with the evening meal to remove all of the excess fecal matter from the large intestine. This will take a few days . Gradually add the Mega Cleanse Extra along with the Thera Colon Cleanse. After a week or so, Add the Mega-Wellness Cleanse Internal Cleansing Complex after you have achieved good elimination. Removal of excess fecal matter allows the Mega-Wellness Cleanse Internal Cleansing Complex to be more effective at cleansing the other channels of (kidneys, lymph system, lungs and skin.) The MEGA WELLNESS formula can be taken indefinitely to maintain a clean and well-functioning system.

(Thera Colon Cleanse) If have sluggish elimination, start with 1-2 capsules with the evening meal. When you feel good elimination has been attained, drop the number of Thera Cleanse Capsules, and add the Mega-Wellness Cleanse and or Mega Cleanse Extra. (you may combine these)

(Mega-Cleanse Extra.) If you are not constipated Start with 1-2 capsules with the evening meal. Increase by 1-2 capsules every 3-6 days till you are having normal elimination. As you increase the capsules, you may take them with breakfast, lunch and dinner in divided doses.

You would keep increasing the amount by one or two capsules per day, until you find what works best for your particular metabolism, or bowel tolerance. If stools become too loose, reduce the amount you take accordingly . Start taking the Mega Wellness Cleanse for cleansing of all six channels of elimination.

(Mega-Wellness Internal Cleanse) The Mega-Wellness Cleanse diet complex has 30 herbs that cleanse all six channels of elimination including the liver and colon. This can be taken continually to keep toxins from accumulating. Work up to as many caplets as needed to maintain good elimination and appetite control.

Start with 1-2 caplets per day with lunch or dinner for 3 days. To reduce appetite, take it 30 minutes before the meal. You may take them all together or split them between two meals. On the 4 th day, take 2-4 caplets (1-2) with lunch and (1-2) with dinner for 3 days. On the 7th day take 4-6 caplets, (2-3) with lunch and (2-3) with dinner for 3 days. On the 10th day take 6-8 caplets, (3-4) with lunch and (3-4) with dinner. You may take 1-8 per day or what works for your particular body. (Note) Listen to your body. The instructions above may be altered to suit your individual metabolism. You may take any amount, or combination of the above that attains the desired results specific to you.

If you should get diarrhea or constipation, that’s an indication that you are detoxing your system too quickly. You should cut back one or two caplets/capsules per day till the stool is more normal. (If you become constipated) add the Thera Colon Cleanse to reinstate good elimination. You MUST drink lots of purified water to irrigate your system and aid the cleansing process. Eight 8 oz. glasses per day is suggested.

Diet and exercise --You need to exercise daily. Toxins are eliminated much faster from an active body. It rids itself more quickly of toxins through perspiration and encourages proper elimination. Eating a healthy diet, i.e. organic fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meat will further aid the cleansing process. Don’t eat processed foods. The food you eat either fuels disease or fights it.

If you have a problem with gas, bloating, yeast infections, acne, or diarrhea add the Total Digestion Probiotic and DigestiveEnzymes. (See details in this booklet) Flaxseed / fish oil/ or coconut oil would also be very beneficial to elimination and just compliment what you are already doing. Take with any of our herbal cleansing formulas. This can all be taken at one sitting with a meal.

A comprehensive multi-vitamin containing a wide spectrum of B vitamins is also imperative during detoxification. Please look at Body Dynamics Raw Mega Nutritional System as a companion to the Mega-Wellness Cleanse, Mega-Cleanse Extra and the Thera Colon Cleanse.

Note : Everyone is different and their metabolism will determine how much they should take. Someone with a slower metabolism would probably take more then someone with a faster metabolism. After you have cleaned the accumulation of fecal waste from your bowel, and the toxins that have accumulated in your liver, lymph system, fatty tissue, and blood, you will probably require less to maintain a toxic free system.

3. Will I have any side effects from these products?

The Mega-Wellness Cleanse / Mega-Cleanse Extra / Thera Colon Cleanse formulas contain no chemicals, preservatives, toxins or pesticides. They are pure and pollution free,and as pure substances they will not cause side effects. However, it is possible for a person, who has been eating improperly for years, or has any illness to experience minor discomforts and body changes when he alters his eating habits or adds new substances to his systems. Eight of the herbs in these formulas cleanse and heal your system. They are as follows: alfalfa, aloe vera, bayberry bark, beet root, burdock root, cascara sagrada, dandelion and ginger.

When you add these new substances to your system, the accumulated toxins that were stored in your tissues and organs as well as the endotoxins from the dying parasites, bacteria, fungus and other pathogens begin to leach out into the bloodstream and are passed out of the body through the elimination process. , While these toxic substances are floating around in your system in their concentrated form, they re-poison the body slightly until they are completely expelled.

This is what causes discomfort, not the herbs.

During this detoxification period, a person can experience mild to severe reactions such as headaches, flu like symptoms, body odor, upset stomach, itch and rashes, diarrhea and/ or constipation. Constipation could be a sign that you are detoxing heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Mega Cleanse Extra and/ or Thera Colon Cleanse would be an invaluable tool for relief.

This is known to nutritionists as a healing crisis or Herxheimer reaction, and occurs within 24 hours to 5 days of cleansing. This is not a bad thing, but rather a sign that the body is releasing stored up toxins. The severity of the Herx reaction is often an indicator of just how much toxicity there was in the body to begin with and is an indicator of the effectiveness of the treatment. It is actually a sign that the body is restoring itself to good health. To lessen the severity of discomfort caused by a healing crisis , allow the body to detox slower by reducing the amount of Mega-Wellness Cleanse caplets you are taking, replacing them with the Mega Cleanse Extra. Then as the symptoms lessen, increase slowly to the optimum amount for your system. We are all different, so listen to your body.

If we will just give our system a chance to eliminate and readjust, we will feel much better. We must move slowly but surely towards tissue cleansing and rejuvenating our system, keeping in mind that even as it took time to pollute our system, it will take time to reverse the process.

4. How long can I take these products, will I become dependent?

The formulas are gentle and it is the combination and amounts of each herb that make it possible to take on a daily basis.

Common sense dictates that we should cleanse the toxins from our systems every day instead of purging them out every 3-6 months, as is the case with some herbal cleansing products. Some individuals have taken these formulas for 29 years. Most report that they have reduced the amount they take after an initial cleansing phase of several months.

These are super foods and nutrients and are not habit forming. If you should quit taking the formulas, you will simply revert back to whatever condition you were in before you started taking them.

5. I’m taking medication. Will Mega-Wellness Cl. / Mega Cleanse Extra. / Thera Colon Cleanse Interfere with it?

Many clients report that they have been able to take the Mega-Cleanse Internal Cleansing Complex and the Mega-Cleanse Extra with their medications. We at Body Dynamics recommend that before you take any herbal supplements with medications that you consult your Doctor.

6. Will these products help me to lose weight?

Yes, and here’s why.

1) Spirulina is the main ingredient in Mega-Wellness Cleanse. It is the perfect appetite suppressant because it contains phenylalanine, an amino acid that releases a hormone that “tells” you that you are full. Spirulina is micro- algae, or a microscopic plant. It contains more usable protein than any food you can name. In addition, it has nearly twice as much vitamin B-12 as dried liver, is rich in vitamin A., and has all eight essential amino acids. Spirulina contains every essential nutrient science has identified.

2) Six of the herbs in this formula help tostabilize blood sugar levels. This helps reduce cravings for simple carbohydrates and sugars. These herbs are dandelion, bayberry bark, beepollen, licorice, juniper and skullcap.

3) Mega-Wellness Cleanse also contains Chromium Polynicotinate. This aids fat loss by aiding brain synthesis of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which was shown to reduce sugar cravings. Chromium polynicotinate potentiates insulin and may help to maintain a higher metabolic rate thereby aiding in weight loss. This stimulates protein synthesis and retards protein breakdown in muscles so the body would burn available fat and not muscle.

4) Fennel and juniper aid the reduction of excess water retention.

5) Kelp regulates the metabolism and helps to control the thyroid gland. Mega-Wellness Cleanse is synergistic to other nutritional products and will aid their absorption.

6) Restoring intestinal health through colon cleansing allows more nutrients to be absorbed anda person tends to eat less.

7. What is Cascara Sagrada, and why should it be included in the Mega-Wellness Cleanse formulas?

Cascara Sagrada had been considered a mild, effective, treatment for constipation for generations. First used by the Native Americans, it’s name means “sacred bark”, in Spanish, a reference to the medicinal part of the plant itself. The bark is rich in hormone-like oil, which promotes the peristaltic action (pushing out of waste material) in the lower intestinal tract. It is this particular action that makes Cascara Sagrada so effective in treating constipation, both acute and chronic types.

The fact that it is not habit forming, like many pharmaceutical laxatives, makes it even more valuable in cases of constipation. The herb is popular for its ability to relieve constipation and tonify the bowel. The Dispensatory of the United States says this concerning the herb; “It often appears to restore tone to the relaxed bowel and in this way produces a permanent beneficial effect ”. It is considered mild and gentle enough for use by children and the elderly . Reports in the “Drug Evaluations” of the American Medical Association confirm that Cascara Sagrada causes peristalsis in the large intestine with virtually no side effect on the small intestine.

Colon health is dependent on the maintenance of beneficial intestinal bacteria and proper elimination. In this regard, Cascara Sagrada can prove to be invaluable in its role as a colon cleanser. When five healthy medical students were given Cascara, their bacteria counts of E coli and enterococci significantly decreased. The emodin and rhein constituents of Cascara actually inhibit the respiration processes of certain bacteria. While undesirable bacteria may be destroyed by these compounds, friendly bacteria are not. This good flora is necessary for colon health and helps to keep the immune system strong.

Some studies strongly suggest that the anthraquinones found in Cascara are beneficial in treatment and prevention of certain liver diseases. Traditional folk medicine utilized Cascara as a viable treatment for liver disorders. Today, its value as treatment for hepatic disease has been supported by contemporary scientific research.

Cascara Sagrada also contributes to correcting hormonal imbalances controlled by the pituitary and facilitates the activation of the gallbladder, liver and the pancreas.

Summary of Specific Actions Associated with Cascara Sagrada

1. It is an excellent remedy for chronic constipation and can help to prevent future episodes of constipation

2. Cascara bark is rich in hormone like oils, which help promote peristaltic action in the canal of the large intestine only.

3. This herb is not habit forming to the colon and can simultaneously clean, and restore the natural tone of the bowel.

4. Cascara Sagrada improves the flow of stomach, liver, and pancreas secretions , which helps to promote better digestion and elimination.

5. It also promotes the flow of bile, which is beneficial to the liver and gall bladder. Certain compounds in Cascara affect the gallbladder ducts and help the body to rid itself of gallstones.

6. Cascara has been shown to be effective against parasites and acts as a natural antibiotic in the intestines, ridding the colon of only the bad bacteria and not the good flora needed for colon health.

References : Daniel B. Mowrey, Ph.D. The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine New Canaan, Connecticut: Keats Pub. 1986, Donald Lepore N.D The Ultimate Healing System Provo Ut. Woodland Books. 1988, Sendon H. Smith, M.D., E. P. Donatelle, M.D., Vaughn Bryant, Ph.D.,Basic Natural Nutrition Provo Ut. Woodland Books, 1984

Read First

The Body Dynamics Mega Wellness Cleanse formula contains no chemicals, preservatives, toxins or pesticides. It is pure and pollution free. As a pure substance it will not cause side effects. However, it is possible for a person, who has been eating improperly for years, to experience minor discomforts and body changes when he alters his eating habits or adds new substances to his systems. Seven of the herbs in this formula seek to cleanse and heal your system. They are as follows: alfalfa, aloe vera, bayberry bark, burdock root, cascara sagrada, dandelionand ginger. When you add these new substances to your system, the accumulated toxins that were stored in your tissues and organs begin to leach out into the bloodstream and are passed out of the body through the elimination process. However, while these toxic substances are floating around in your system in their concentrated form, they re-poison the body slightly until they are completely expelled.

During this detoxification period, a person can experience mild to severe reactions such as headaches, aching joints, body odor, upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation, and muscle-stomach cramps. Many people who try to quit drinking coffee or alcohol or try to stop smoking may suffer the same problems.

Some people will resume their old habits because they cannot endure some discomfort for a day or two. If they would just give their system a chance to eliminate and readjust, they would feel much better. This can happen with the introduction of these cleansing and healing herbs. When these superior food substances enter the body in their concentrated nutritional form, they begin to weed out the toxins and help the body rebuild. Such a transference-replacing toxins with vitamins, minerals and proteins in the system-may take a few days. Immediate results will vary since each of us is unique and our rate of metabolism differs.

Work and exercise habits also should be taken into consideration. Toxins are eliminated much faster in an active body. It rids itself more quickly of toxins through perspiration and proper elimination.


Introducing Spirulina an Herbal Super Food

What To Expect

This information concerns the introduction of Spirulina and the 29 other herbs and super foods found in the Mega Wellness Cleanse, to your body. Our purpose is to eliminate the misunderstanding and confusion that can come about through misinterpreting the symptoms and changes you may experience when you begin a better nutritional program.

A better nutritional program means the introduction of foods and supplements of a higher quality, such as the herbal ingredients in Mega Wellness Cleanse, in place of lower quality ones. The closer the food comes to the natural state in which it occurs, or the closer it comes to its raw, unrefined form, the higher its quality. All the enzymes are found intact when foods are left in this condition and all the protein containing amino acids are left in their finest form. The minerals, vitamins, trace elements, carbohydrates and life force are still present. When they are ingested the body can then reproduce healthy tissue. In these terms Spirulina, the main ingredient in the Mega Wellness Cleanse, is the highest quality substance offered to mankind, and it also comes to you untouched, directly from nature, as should most substances we put in our bodies.

If you are really interested in a better nutritional program, omitting highly toxic substances such as alcohol, tobacco products and highly processed, fatty foods will give you definite desired results. You should limit consumption of animal fat, salt, sugar, and caffeine. The higher the quality of food you eat, the faster you will reap the benefits in health, energy and clarity of thinking. Assimilating and properly digesting higher quality foods enables the body to discard lower grade materials and tissues to make room for superior materials, which it uses to make new and healthier tissue.

If we would stop interfering with the normal process of the body by overloading it with lower quality substances, it would function more freely to improve its health. Numerous examples of how the body tends toward health can be seen in the normal self curing nature of conditions such as colds, fevers, cuts, swellings, injuries, etc. unless we do something to stop the process.

Removing The Toxins

The only reason people fail with their new nutritional program is that they lack understanding of how the body works. They are misled to believe that they felt better with their old habits and diet before they took these super foods. They fail because they do not give the body a chance to adjust and complete its phase of cleansing and recuperative action. If they would just wait a little while longer they would begin to feel much better than before they started. The bodies power has actually been increased, but since this increased energy is being directed to the vital internal organs to start reconstruction, we don't experience this as we would an external energy rush like we would get from caffeine or ephedra. The mind misinterprets it as some weakness. Any weakness felt here is not true weakness but merely a regathering of forces for the rebuilding of more important internal parts. It is essential for us to stop wasting energy and to rest and sleep more. It is important to have patience and faith and just wait it out, realizing that the years of improper diet are the only reason for our discomfort and the body is rebuilding and strengthening itself during this crucial phase. After a short time we will feel much better than before we started the program.

First Phase-Cleaning Out The Sludge

As one continues on the improved diet and gradually raises the food quality, interesting symptoms begin to appear in the first phase, called catabolism. The body begins a process called "retracing". The cellular intelligence immediately starts getting rid of the toxic build up through out the body. Excess bile in the liver and gallbladder is sent to the intestines to trigger the process of elimination. "Sludge" is moved out of the arteries, veins and capillaries, and deposits are cleaned from the joints. The herbs and super foods in the Mega Wellness Cleanse are designed to rid the body of toxic build up from irritating food preservatives, sleeping pills and drugs, along with masses of excess fat which have taxed the system for so long.

Next Phase-Forming New Tissues And Increasing Energy

The second phase is called stabilization. During this phase, the amount of waste material being discarded daily is equal to the amount of tissue which is being formed and replaced by the newer, more vital and nutritious food. This occurs after excessive, obstructing toxins in the tissues have been removed. This stage is followed by a third stage called anabolism. Because of the improved assimilation, new tissues are now being formed faster and are more durable and don't break down as easily. We are setting good habits and have lost our craving for the poorer quality foods. We are now able to maintain our ideal weight!

Dealing With The Symptoms

Those who have maintained a healthy life-style in the past, and have not abused their bodies with toxic substances and overeating, will have reactions ranging from almost nothing at all, to very mild. Those who have eaten quantities of refined sugar, refined flour, highly preserved foods, animal fats, etc., and poisoned themselves with alcohol, drugs and stimulants, will experience more severe symptoms. This is because their liver, kidneys or other important eliminating organs have been damaged. When their body has been renovated to the point of fair working order, they will no longer produce symptoms. Even though you may be one of the ones who did follow all the rules of proper nutrition, you must realize that it is almost impossible not to take in a certain amount of toxins and heavy metals with the very air you breathe and water that you drink.

The symptoms will vary according to the materials being discarded, the condition of the organs involved in the elimination and the amount of energy you have available. The better you take care of yourself, exercising regularly and getting plenty of rest, when symptoms are present, the milder they are and the more quickly they are terminated. Be happy you are having symptoms, realizing that your body is becoming younger and healthier every day because you are throwing off more and more wastes which would eventually have brought pain, disease and much suffering. Those who have the worst symptoms and reactions and stick with it, are thus avoiding some of the worst conditions which would eventually develop if they continued their careless habits.

Every great physician or scientist who has ever lived has marveled in awe and humility at the wonders and resilience of the human body. Let us give ourselves a chance to experience what it means to be really healthy and fully alive. This can be accomplished only by taking care to put the highest quality foods in our bodies and eliminating low quality toxic ones.

Weight Loss

Effective Weight Loss Starts with Internal Cleansing

Many experts claim that the bowel is the hub of the human body. It is a build up of toxins in the bowel that is a precursor to various types of degenerative disease. Dr. Bernard Jensen, nutritionist, lecturer and author of over 30 books on natural health cure states:

"Every tissue in the body is fed by the bloodstream, which is supplied by the bowel. When the bowel is dirty, the blood is dirty and so are the organs and tissues. It is the bowel that must be cared for first before any healing can take place.

Some members of the medical profession have disputed this line of thinking, yet the amazing facts supporting these ideas are undeniable. Proper bowel function entails 2 to 3 good bowel movements per day. Most people are not aware of this.

Faulty digestion and elimination develop in an individual through years of improper life-styles and dietary habits. Most people do not eat properly or exercise regularly, so their eliminative processes don't function the way they should. Think of all the toxins we take in everyday. Industry and transportation systems are pouring more than 70,000 toxins into the air we breath and the water we drink! These toxic substances include lead, mercury, cadium, PCB, and acrylic nitrile. Many of these have been linked to cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Even if we eat "right" we still are bombarding our systems with toxic substances. Fresh fruits and vegetables have been sprayed with insecticides, which can not be washed away easily. Live stock have been fed harmful hormones and antibiotics. In order to truly eat "right", we would have to grow our own fruits and vegetables and raise our own livestock many miles away from polluted land, rivers and streams.

So its important to protect our health by not allowing these toxins to sit in our colon and putrefy. If we do, we are slowly poisoning our body. When we are not eliminating properly, wastes may not be expelled for days, weeks, months, and years. Toxins back up in the colon, which can cause autointoxication, or self-poisoning. This occurs when the bowel walls become encrusted with uneliminated fecal matter. This in turn hampers the absorption of vital nutrients! So now, blood capillaries lining the bowel are absorbing the rotting fecal matter in place of life giving vitamins and minerals. This inhibits our body's ability to feed and repair itself properly!

These poisons eventually seep into every cell of the body, setting the stage for disease. This autointoxication lowers our overall feeling of health and vitality. We start to blame other factors such as aging on why we have no energy or zest for life.

The fact is that age has nothing to do with lack of energy and less than optimum health. 90% of the time, these complaints can be alleviated through internal cleansing.

Mega Wellness Cleanse contains 30 herbs and super foods, which is formulated and designed to cleanse the kidneys, liver, blood, lymphatic system and the colon.* Six of the herbs in this formula seek to stabilize blood sugar levels. This helps reduce cravings for simple carbohydrates and sugars. These herbs are dandelion, bayberry bark, beepollen, licorice, juniper and skullcap. You will notice within a very short period of time how much better you will look and feel. Many of my clients report not just feeling better but they begin to notice that even their skin takes on a glow!

Don't wait! Everyone young and old will benefit from the life giving nutrients, and healing properties in these herbs.


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